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Basic Git

Git is to synchronise files between local machine and remote repository. It was really confusing for me when I first started.

Origin = Remote address (such as GitHub or Bitbucket) Local = Local PC (Local environment)

Basic command to get started


git init

To initialise the repository in the folder. This will generate .git file which is a hidden file.

echo "hello world" > test.txt
git add test.txt

First line is to create the file test.txt, then this file is added to .git for commit later.

git add can also be used for directory: git add folder-name

git status

To check the status

git commit test.txt

Commit the new file ready for push to the origin.

git checkout -b [new-branch-name]

-b is to create a new branch, then you will be switched to the new branch.

git checkout [existing_branch]

This is to switch between existing branches

git branch

To find out which branch are you on

git branch -D [local-branch-name]

To delete local branch

git push origin -d [remote-branch-address]

To delete branch remotely

Note: in case the origin is not set, you may need to use the origin remote address.

git fetch origin 

To first fetch what you have in the remote address