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Gatsby - Get Started

Table of contents

Gatsby Prerequisite

Install npm with brew

More on npm, read on what is npm?

brew install node
brew uninstall node

Install gatsby-cli

npm install -g gatsby-cli
npm uninstall gatsby-cli
gatsby --version

Uninstall Gatsby-CLI

npm uninstall gatsby-cli

Run Gatsby

npm init gatsby 
cd gatsby-sit
npm run develop

Open in browser:

  • http://localhost:8000
  • http://localhost:8000/___graphql

Build A Theme

  • option 1:

      gatsby new [project-name] [starter]
    • [starter] is the github repo of the theme.
  • option 2:

      npm install gatsby-theme-blog [project-name]


gatsby new test
gatsby new test2

Start the project

cd [project-name]
gatsby develop