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#! /bin/bash 

read -p "give me the file name? " myfile
# this will make the script interactive
# condition to check if a file exists 
# myfile=new.txt
# -e for exists
if [ -e $myfile ]; then 
    echo "$myfile exists"

# negate a condition 
if [ ! -e $myfile ]; then 
    echo "$myfile does not exist"

# check if is directory
# -d for directory 
if [ -d $myfile ]; then 
    echo "$myfile is a directory"
    echo "$myfile is not a directory"

# -r is readable
if [ -r $myfile ]; then 
    echo "$myfile is readable"

-w is writeable

-r is writeable

if [ -w $myfile ]; then echo “$myfile is writeable” else echo “$myfile is not writeable” fi

-x is executable

if [ -x $myfile ]; then echo “$myfile is executable” else echo “$myfile is not executable” fi

-s is not empty

if [ -s $myfile ]; then echo “$myfile is NOT empty” else echo “$myfile is empty” fi

-f for if it’s a regular file

if [ -f $myfile ]; then echo “$myfile is a regular file” else echo “$myfile is not a regular file” fi