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Ubuntu Desktop

Table of contents

Ubuntu GUI desktop setup

apt update
apt upgrade 

Install tasksel

apt install tasksel

Install display manager

apt install slim 
apt install lightdm
    # Install one of it
    # Different options, slim is roughly 400mb smaller than lightdm

Install desktop GUI

    # To select `ubuntu cloud image` and `ubuntu desktop`
    # Use space bar to select or deselect 
    # Press [tab] -> [OK]
  • After installation, use cat to see which the default display manager
cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager
    # To check which default display, eg: `/usr/bin/slim`

Install VNC - Virtual Network Computing

apt install tigervnc-standalone-server 
    # You will need `vnc` to connect remote desktop from a client
    # [tigervnc] is one of the many options 
  • After installation of VNC, run it as non-root user
adduser [user-name]
    # Create a user to run VNC server
usermod -aG sudo [user-name]
    # Give root permission to the user
su - [user-name]
    # To switch over to the user, then run VNC server

Configure VNC

vncserver -localhost no
    # To give a password
    # Choose `no` for `view-only` password
vncserver -list
    # It returns a list of VNC information
    # To see port information for connect from client 

Stop VNC

  • Below command to stop VNC from the server level
vncserver -kill :1